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Top 10 Kids Movies of 2015

With regards to the popular movies of the year, it is kids movies which generally top the list. Kids films have a universal appeal for all age groups that transcends all age barriers. Kids not only seem to enjoy watching these movies but adults too derive immense pleasure from watching film for kids as it takes them down memory lane reminding them of their childhood. Good films for kids can be watched again and again as they have a timeless appeal about them. This year too, a number of good film for kids are going to be released which we feel will become the top 10 kids movies in 2015.

Paper planes – Release Date January 15, 2015 (Australia)

A boy from Australia has an immense passion for planes which prompts him to take part in the World Paper Plane Championships being held in Japan. But along the way he has to deal with a lot of hostility from his chief rival, the spoiled son of a respected golfer and his unemployed father who is still in mourning over the death of his wife. His grandfather, an eagle and a former paper plane champion are the ones who give him encouragement.

Cinderella – Release Date March 13th 2015

This non-animated kids film is based on the classic fairy tale Cinderella. Taking off from Disney’s 1950s classic Cinderella movie which was totally animated, this non-animated movie breathes life into the characters in an absolutely ravishing manner. Cinderella, played by Lily James is a young orphan girl living at the mercy of her step-mother and her cousins. Her mother’s dying words “have courage and be kind” sustain her through all the dark times. Her life however changes dramatically when she meets a stranger in the woods. We are sure the characters and the settings will ensure that this movie become one of the best kids movies 2015.

Home – Release Date March 27th 2015

Earth is taken over by an alien race, Boov who wish to make it their home. In the process humans are relocated to another place while the aliens go about populating earth with their race. But one ingenious girl (Rihanna) succeeds in avoiding capture and she comes in contact with a banished Boov named Oh played by Jim Parsons. As they embark on a trip of their lifetime they realize that a lot more than intergalactic relations are at stake.

Shaun the Sheep – Release Date April 24th 2015

Shaun the Sheep is a stop motion animated movies 2015 based on the television series by the same name. Due to Shaun’s tomfoolery the farmer is taken away to the city. Comedy arises out of the situations created as Shaun and the flock together set out for the big bad city in order to bring the farmer back.

Minions – Release Date July 10th 2015

This movie which is going to be Top movies for kids shows the evolution of Minions who began life as single-celled organisms and how they serve some of the most despicable masters. It so happens that all the masters are killed off and now the minions fall into deep depression as to who to serve. A minion named Kevin along with his friend Staurt and Bob set out to seek a new master who can rule over all Minions in the most evil manner possible. Thus begins their journey which takes them all over the globe right from Antarctica to New York to present day England where they have to overcome the greatest challenge of all i.e. saving all of Minion land from total decimation.

B.O.O.: Bureau of Otherworldly Operations – Release Date June 5th 2015
BOO is an upcoming supernatural animated kids films by DreamWorks Animation. The Bureau of Otherworldly Operations is a hush-hush government agency that hires ghosts to protect humans against evil ghosts. The story portrays how two new agents named Jackson Moss and Watts unearth a plot by Addison Drake, BOO’s most wanted haunter to destroy BOO and how they have to use all the resources in the world to protect the world against his ghost army.

Inside Out – Release Date June 19th 2015

This computer animated fantasy comedy film is set inside the head of a girl called Riley who is ruled by the five emotions namely – Joy, Anger, Disgust, Fear and Sadness. Throughout her growing up years Riley is directed by these emotions but trouble sets in Headquarters (where the emotions live) when Riley shifts to San Francisco. Although Joy, the predominant ruling emotion in Headquarters tries to keep everything in control but conflicts ensue between the other emotions as Riley tries to adjust to a new environment in the city.

Pan – Release Date July 24th 2015

Based on the novel by J.M.Barrie, Pan recounts the life of Peter, a boy in a London orphanage who is whisked off one day to a magical land of fairies called Neverland. Adventure awaits him at every step as he tries to find the secret behind his mother who had left him at the orphanage many years ago. Along with his friends, Tiger Lily and James Hook, Peter has to defeat the cruel pirate Blackbeard who wishes to rule over Neverland. This movie has every potential to become the top kids films in 2015.

Hotel Transylvania 2 – Release Date September 25th 2015

This 3D computer animated comedy film is a sequel to the much popular 2012 movie Hotel Transylvania. This comedy film has Dracula and some of the world’s infamous monsters reuniting in a hotel in Transylvania.

The peanuts movie – Release Date November 6th 2015

Peanuts, which is going to be one of the best animated movies 2015 is based on Charles M. Schulz’s comic strip Peanuts. In this animated comedy, Snoopy along with his team embarks upon the greatest adventure as they take to the skies to chase their arch foe. Charlie Brown, Snoopy’s best friend, on the other hand is busy with his journey back home.