Horror Movies 2014

Top 10 scariest films of 2014

Every month is Halloween in 2014 with so many great horror movies that will haunt you for the rest of the year. Be prepared to wet your pants in fear with horror classics such as Dracula Untold and The Pyramid and of course horror tales that seem to be just happening next door such as Annabelle, Paranormal Activity and The Quiet Ones. We invite you to watch only the best horror movies of 2014!

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones – Release Date January 3rd 2014
Katie Hunter has disappeared for almost 5 years and a suburban family is witnessing strange events in their community. All of these happened when a mysterious woman and her child moves in the neighborhood. This is a must see horror movie of 2014.

Devil’s Due – Release Date January 17th 2014

A newly-wed couple is surprised that they are dealing with a pregnancy that is too early to happen. During their honeymoon, they experience the most mysterious and the most terrifying night however, what the couple don’t know is that they are up to more danger and more terror when the wife becomes due. Don’t miss this must-see horror movie of 2014.

The Quiet Ones – Release Date April 25th 2014

An experiment on a young woman by a university professor and his team of students reveals a terrifying dark secret. It all began when a student attends the class of professor Coupland who is known to disprove the existence of supernatural forces. Students join Coupland in studying different cases and hope to look for a cure for the “diseases” that the subjects are suffering from. What the group does not know is that the woman that they are about to study is different, quite different from any kind of patient that they will ever encounter in their lives.

Deliver Us From Evil – Release Date July 2nd 2014

Ralph Sarchie will find out that there is more to life than his personal life issues; he starts to take interest in investigating disturbing and inexplicable crimes in his neighborhood. He even joins a priest who is skilled in the rituals of exorcism. The two try to fight the demonic possessions that are happening in their city and of course Sarchie has to deal with his own personal demons too.

As Above, So Below – Release Date August 29th 2014

Paris is the city of love and of life, at least what’s above it. What people do not know is that a large city of the dead makes up Paris’ basement or what is known as the catacombs. And this city is what a team of explorers decide to venture in and what they found in their study is a dark secret that will make them stir in their sleep forever!

Annabelle – Release Date October 3rd 2014

Annabelle is a pigtailed doll that is unlike any other doll that you have seen or played with before. She is a doll possessed by a demonic spirit. She threatens a young couple with a baby. How did the couple happen to have a demonic doll? Their horrific experience started when a group of satanic cultists invade their home; supernatural occurrences started to happen along with the possession of a vintage doll named Annabelle.

Dracula Untold – Release Date October 1oth 2014
This is not just another Dracula revival but rather a story that explores the origin of the man behind the name. Vlad the Impaler is said to be Dracula; from a flawed hero in a love story to someone who can do magic in the midst of war. This is a horror story, romance and supernatural flick blended into one amazing story; you won’t miss watching this great horror movie of 2014.

Ouija – Release Date October 24th 2014

Do you believe that a Ouija board will be able to summon spirits? This was what a group of friends want to prove as they use an ancient spirit board to talk to awaken and talk to spirits. What began as a dare ended up as a way to summon a dark spirit that the friends have no idea how to control. Ouija is a great scary movie of 2014 that will make you fear the dark and all board games in particular for the rest of your life.

Jessabelle – Release Date November 7th 2014

Jessabelle returns to Louisiana to recuperate after a car accident. She has a lot of childhood memories back home but what she does not know is that a tormented spirit is waiting for her return. The spirit has been restlessly waiting for her and this time, it will never let her go no matter what.

The Pyramid – Release Date December 5th 2014

The pyramid is one of the prehistoric marvels of the earth that is said t have afflicted navigators and explorers who are brave enough to enter and uncover their secrets. And now a group of American Archaeologists decide to enter a lost pyramid that is the one and only in Egypt. As they try to unlock the secrets of the pyramids they realize that they are not cursed but they are hunted instead.