Chick Flicks 2014

Must watch Top 10 chick flicks of 2014

We are living in a fast paced world and an escape from the hustle bustle is necessary. The easiest way to have some relief is to enjoy some of the best romantic films in the comfort of couch and some popcorn and a soda can in hand. Here, I bring to you the best romantic movies of 2014. These chick flicks of 2014 stood out from the rest released in the same year and they are good enough to give you a belly laugh along with some tears to make you feel alive again. So, get ready for some fun and heat.
G.B.F. – Release Date January 17th 2014
GBF is a fresh, captivating story of warfare between three clique queens who must have ‘teen girl accessory’ for the school compete – GBF or the Gay best friend. Two guys Tanner and Brent are the closest friends and Brent thinks that coming out will increase his popularity as the teen girl accessory but Tanner is outed and the guys become frenemies. The three girls Fawcett, Caprice and Shley indulge into a social war to win Tanner’s friendship. While the girls make every attempt to win Tanner, he must make a choice between the skyrocketing popularity and his good old friend left behind. The movie explores with humour the feelings of homosexuals, the prejudices of society and the way teenage homosexuals are treated.
The One I Love – Release Date January 21st 2014
The One I Love is the story of a couple Ethan and Sophie played by Duplass and Elizabeth, who are being counselled to save their marriage. Their marriage counsellor gives them a ‘retreat’ to spend a weekend alone in a big house which is a part of a large property. The house had saved many marriages in past when the couples returned refreshed from there. Ethan and Sophie finds no loss in this and agrees to visit the place. Their romantic retreat becomes surreal after some unexpected discovery persuades the two of them to examine their relationship and future.
That Awkward Moment – Release Date January 27th 2014
That Awkward moment is in our list of top 10 romance films of 2014 for all the right reasons. It has all the spices to heat you up. The story revolves around three friends Mikey, Jason and Daniel played by Michael B. Jordan, Zac Efron and Miles Teller in that order. Daniel and Jason are no –commitment guys who don’t want to get tied down and date many girls at a time. Mikey is a married man but his wife separate ways from him. The three friends decide to remain without a girlfriend but eventually Daniel experiences real feelings for Ellie played by Imogen poots and Daniel too finds himself in love with long-time friend Chelsea (Mackenzie Davis). Mikey also realizes that he had always loved his wife and it was difficult to live without her. The three friends find themselves in the awkward situation where they hide their true feelings from one another. They break the pact and Mikey does it in the worst way by reuniting with his wife.
About Last Night – Release Date February 14th 2014
The movie is the remake of the classic romantic film released with the same name in the year 1986. The inspiration for this chick flick is David Mamet’s play ‘Sexual Perversity in Chicago’. The movie showcases journey of two people from bar to bedroom after which they go through various tests of life. The process of dating, the living in phase, friend’s opinions and the struggle in life beyond their relationship – everything has been presented with reality.
Endless Love – Release Date February 14th 2014
Endless Love by universal picture is the story of two young people Jade Butterfield and David Elliot madly in love with each other. They experience an even more reckless and deep love for each other when the parents try to keep them apart. The movie is based on the famous novel of 1979 of the same name and another movie inspired by the novel also hit the screen in 1981. This romantic movie of 2014 is a real treat to the lovers as it released on the Valentine’s Day.
The Other Woman – Release Date April 1st 2014
The story sees a disloyal husband and a lover Mark who cheats on his wife Kate for many other girls and goes on to cheat the girlfriends too. At first when Kate finds him cheating on her for Carly who is a lawyer by profession, she does something much unexpected. She teams up with Carly only to find out that Mark has been cheating on both of them with Amber. Kate feels that she is still in love with him but Mark is not only disloyal to the girls but also his company. Kate, Carly and Amber- the trio sets a plan and punish him with pranks.
Belle – Release Date May 2nd 2014
The next movie in our list of best chick flicks 2014 is ‘Belle’. The true story of Dido Elizabeth Belle is an inspiration for this romantic movie. Dido Elizabeth Belle is the illegitimate daughter of Admiral Sir John Lindsay. She is brought up by her great uncle Lord Mansfield and his wife. She is privileged due to her lineage but her status does not let her be a part of traditions. Her cousin Elizabeth enjoys suitors for marriage while she wonders, if she will ever find love in her life. Her wish comes true in form of the ideal young vicar’s son who desires to bring a change in the society. Together they work to end slavery in England.
Magic in the Moonlight – Release Date July 25th 2014
The next gem in the list of top romance films 2014 is Magic in the Moonlight. A good storyline and wonderful sets and costumes- the movie is a treat to the eyes and heart. Colin Firth and Emma Stone play the lead roles in the movie. Colin as Stanley does all justice to the character of an arrogant Englishman to the world and a hidden great Chinese magician who travels to a mansion to debunk Sophie, a clairvoyant played by Emma. However, he soon finds himself smitten by her beauty and wit.
If I Stay – Release Date August 22nd 2014
The story demands the lead Mia to decide, if romance is a good reason to stay alive and be with the guy she loves while her parents rests on the other peaceful side of earth after death. Mia and her parents meet an accident after which Mia in her coma revisits the memories of her boyfriend Adam and her family in an out-of-body experience. She finally comes to know that both her parents were dead and she must choose between joining her parents on the other side and staying on earth for the boy she loves. She wrestles with herself on the thought of staying and why should she and what will happen, if she does?
Beyond the Lights – Release Date November 14th 2014
Beyond the Lights grabs the final place in our list of best romantic movies 2014. Noni is the latest superstar in the music world. She has been groomed all life to be a superstar by her mother but she is unable to handle her fame and tries to kill herself. Luckily, her policeman bodyguard Kaz Nicol, saves her. They fall for each other but those who are close urge them to give priority to career and ambition rather than romance. However, it is Kaz’s love that leads Noni to stardom by infusing courage to find her own voice.