Chick Flicks 2013

Must See Chick Flicks in 2013

Looking for some comedy or a little romance with a jar of a fantasy? The chick flicks movies are one of the best genres for the female audience. A story which deals with romance and crime, meanwhile filled with mystery and full with emotions that makes you realize about the love being key to the every door of success. For example the following movies such as: “Safe Heaven”, “Warm Bodies” have that kind of scenery where makes your heart beats. In addition, “The Great Gatsby” will turn your heart by its story. On the other hand, a little bit of a comedy will not hurt anything, on the contrary, it will make your day. Speaking of that, we suggest you movies like: “The Heat”, “To Do List”, “Austenland”, “The Big Wedding” and “The Spectacular Now”.

Warm Bodies – Release Date February 1st 2013
A romantic comedy about love relationship between a zombie and a girl. According to the zobies apocalypse, Julie, her boyfriend Perry and her friend Nora gone to collect some food for the population. On the way, they met a group of zombies. A zombie named R, attacks her boyfriend and eats his brain. Suddenly, he starts feeling something for Julie and gets to save her from the other zombies. After that, they realize that have something in common and began to be friends. He fell in love with her and that made him to regain his humanity.

Safe Haven – Release Date February 14th 2013
There is a woman who has a mysterious past that wants to get away with it and begin a fresh start away from her town. She starts working as a waitress in North Carolina. She meets Alex, a widower but she does not want to reveal the truth about he-r personal life. One day, a police came to ask her questions and she began to run away. Alex wants to help her but she does not let him.

The Heat – Release Date June 28th 2013
A story about two cops, FBI agent and a Boston cop on a mission to catch a drug dealer Mr. Larkin. They two do not get along because of their way of investigating. The FBI cop, Sarah Ashburn, has her own methods preceded by principles and laws of a cop book. The other one, Shannon Mullins goes by her intuition and free will. Through their conflict situation, the story indicates comedic parts and it ends with a good act. They arrest the conman.

The Host – Release Date March 29th 2013
Melanie, a girl who got captured by alien force, got injected with a Wandered. They wanted to capture people and erase their brain. But she resisted being loyal to them so she and her family gets in fight with the aliens. She tries everything to save everyone including her boyfriend.

The Big Wedding – Release Date April 26th 2013
Ellie and Don had been married, got 2 children and adopted one. But, they got divorced and moved on with their life. When a time comes for the adopted boy to get married, he invites his parents and his biological mother but he did not manage to tell her that his parents were long-divorced. In order to not ruin his big day, he asks them to pretend that they were still married. Due to the wedding ceremonial, Ellie and Don avoided the awkward situation of getting into a conflict and ruin their child’s big wedding.

The Great Gatsby – Release Date May 1st 2013
A sad story about a man that is in love with a woman Daisy but unfortunately, he had to go in a war. By the time he got back, she was married to someone else. Because of his success at war, he had lot of money and throws the biggest parties to make her come. When she finally shows up, they bound together and try to get away. Unfortunately, on the way back, she had an car accident where she hit a woman. The widower comes and sues Gatsby for the crime that he did not commit and though he kills him. That is how this story ends.

To Do List – Release Date July 26th 2013
A teenage girl who makes a list of every activity that she should do before she goes to college. Among that list was included first sex experience. She has everything done except for the last one, sex experience. Though, the situation comes up with adventures made by her friends in order to persuade her to do the remaining task.

Austenland – Release Date August 23th 2013
A woman who is obsessed with the character from “Pride and Prejudice” by the writer Jane Austin. She was drowning into the story of this book and the movie by every single scene. The character that she adores is Mr. Darcy, played by Colin Firth. She seeks to find exactly like this man for falling in love. Fortunately, her dream will come more than true.

The Spectacular Now – Release Date September 13th 2013
A teenager who was a bookish, successful, had a beautiful girlfriend suddenly he loses all. He breaks up with his girlfriends and from that moment he started to change himself. He start drinking, partying, when suddenly, after one party, he wakes up at a girl’s yard. They bound together and fall in love.

About Time – November 8th 2013
A guy discovers that he can travel through time and change anything that he wants except the history. So, he decides to search for a girlfriend. When he meets her, named Mary, but because of the time traveling he could not seduce her at the first date so he tries many times until he finally gets her heart. They got married and he tries to get her happy every time and change the wrong happenings by traveling through the time and correcting them. Unfortunately, the acts can be changed but not the history. So he could not save himself from the sorrow of his family.