Comedy Movies 2014


The Funniest Films of 2014

2014 is a year of the funnies with a lot of comebacks coming back to tickle your funny bones! Get ready for Dumb and Dumber To with the comeback duo Jim Carrie and Jeff Bridges as well as Night at the Museum and Think Like a Man Too. You will also love the formidable comedy team up of Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler in Blended.

Ride Along – Release Date January 17th 2014
Ride Along is a comedy about a security guard wanting to prove to his girlfriend and his girlfriend’s brother that he is worthy of her love. He decides to ride along with her brother for the day who is a police officer. What he does not know is that as he rides along, her brother is also playing with him with make-believe scenarios that aim to scare him off for good.

The Lego Movie – Release Date February 7th 2014
Emmet is an ordinary LEGO mini-figure with no other attachments or enhancements. He follows rules perfectly and is a very ordinary LEGO figure indeed but one day he was mistakenly identified as the most extraordinary person and has the key to save the planet! He becomes part of a group that is involved in a quest to stop an evil tyrant. But Emmet is plain, he is under prepared too!

Neighbors – Release Date May 9th 2014
A young couple with a baby are living next door to a frat house. Things are friendly the first few days until the frat boys hold unruly parties night after night. The couple decided that they had enough and they want to have their peace and quiet back. They decide on schemes on how to make the frat boys move but their plan back fires. Do not miss this epic battle between neighbors as one of the best comedy movies of 2014.

Blended- Release Date May 23rd 2014
Lauren and Jim are both single parents, they met in a blind date but decided that they were not for each other. But circumstances led them back together and this time it is an all-out weekend getaway for the entire family to Africa! Will Lauren and Jim’s kids agree to this arrangement or will they keep them back? What will happen after they leave Africa and come back home to their usual lives?

22 Jump Street – Release Date June 13th 2014
Officers Schmidt and Jenko are at it again and this time they are officially out of high school (twice) and are infiltrating a drug deal at a local college. They are deep undercover as college students and trying to look for dealers but what comes up is not the case but if the two will be able to have a truly mature relationship together.

Think Like a Man Too – Release Date June 20th 2014
This is the most suitable sequel to the best-selling book Act Like a Lady. The couples head to Las Vegas for a wedding. The girls are all raving but the bride thinks she is not acceptable enough for the groom’s mother. And there is also trouble brewing in the other side of paradise when the boys are facing misadventures of their own. Will the wedding proceed? Will the bride and groom say “I do!” Las Vegas style? Don’t miss Think Like a Man Too one of the best comedy flicks of 2014.

Sex Tape – Release Date July 18th 2014
You can’t keep Jay and Annie apart the first time they met. Their physical and romantic connection was very intense. At her parents’ house or in the library, sex was really very easy. But after 10 years and two kids, the two are still very in love but the sexual spark is just not what it used to be. They decided that making a sex tape is a great idea to revive their sex life. Definitely Sex Tape is a must see comedy movie of 2014!

Dumb and Dumber To – Release Date November 14th 2014
Join Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne when they reunite after 20 years. This time, they set out in search of their long lost kids, why? They need their kids to harvest a new kidney. Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels reunite after 20 years! Truly a must-see comedy movie of 2014.

Top Five – Release Date December 5th 2014
Andre Allan is a comedian actor trying to reinvent himself. And aside from this, he is also about to be married to a very popular reality television star Erica Long. Their wedding is the biggest media event of the year. What more could Andre want? An interview by a charming, no-frills, young reporter could possibly change his life for good.

Night at The Museum: Secret of the Tomb – Release Date December 19th 2014
Larry still works at the museum and this time he leaves New York for London. His trip leads to uniting favorite and new characters and a special mission which is to save the Night at The Museum magic before it is gone forever.