Animated Movies 2013

Must See Kids Movies in 2013

Are you and your children willing to watch one of the best animated movies? The ones like “Frozen” which got Oscar in the 2013 year? We have the list of the most wonderful movies which would certainly gain your attention. Some of them such as: “The Croods” and “The Wind Rises” got nominated in 2013. If you are looking for some magical and picturesque world that will drown you into the fantasy, we suggest you the following: “Epic”, “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2” and “The Tale of Princess Kaguya”. Also, “Monstrers University”, “Free Birds” as well as “Saving Mr. Banks” will make you laugh and get you in a great mood.

The Wind Rises – Release Date February 21st 2013
Jiro Hirokoshi tends to be a pilot, but because he has poor eyesight, he could not manage to become. He started building planes as the famous Italian air crafter designer suggested him in a dream. While on his trip to study aeronautical engineering, he meets his love of his life – Nahoko who unfortunately is ill from tuberculosis. While he rises at his career, they get married but she decides to leave, knowing that her death will come soon. He hears nothing but a wind that she is about to die. Therefore she comes to his dreams and tells him to move on with his life.

The Croods – Release Date March 22nd 2013
An animated movie which shows a prehistorically story about a family cave dwellers facing up with a new adventures after their cave ruined. They had lived by one rule: never to go out of a cave. But, when their living place was ruined, they were about to go through a lot of interesting experience and survival in the wild.

Epic – Release Date May 24th 2013
A girl named Marie Katherine a.k.a. M.K. lives with her father Professor Bomba, a scientist who was searching about the leafmen, soldiers of the forest. He believes that forest has its own magical world and things that a human eye can barely notice. One day, the girl’s dog Ozzy runs towards the forest and M.K. goes to find it, but suddenly she finds the Queen of the Forest who was falling down because at the meantime there was a fairy war between the Boggans, the evil creatures led by Mandrake. M.K. drowns into the forest and meets the magic of the nature. A talking slug named Mub, a leafsoldiers and a young soldier called Nod. She tries to help them. She goes into her house but unfortunately her father can’t see her because of her small size. After a while, her father sees her on his cameras and gets to help her and release the forest of the evil creatures.

Monsters University – Release Date June 21st 2013
A tiny monster Michael “Mike” Wazowski was wondering to become a Scarer (a monster that scares little children). Eleven years later, he becomes a student in worldwide known university called Monsters Inc. where he meets his friend, James P. “Sulley” Sullivan. Mike was studying hard in order to fulfill his dream and to become a member of the fraternity Roar Omega Roar. However, only Sulley gets to join because Mike did not have the proper requirements – he was not scary. As a result of that, Mike tries to join in another fraternity Oozma Kappa and enters in Scary Games. Therefore after some rounds, he was cheated by Sulley and apparently he wins. Sooner, he realizes that, goes to the lab and enters in the human’s world. Therefore, Sulley tries to find Mike and get in it too. In order to return into the monsters world, they had to scare the children and collect their screams as energy. In the end they return into the Monsters Inc. and became members of the Scarer Team.

Planes – Release Date  August 9th 2013
A crop-duster plane Dusty Crophopper had a dream about becoming a racer. He’s trying to impress the others that with his skills of aerobatic maneuvers he can manage to make into the race. There is a rival, named Ripslinger who has won 3 time a row so, they together are about to fight for the win. Meanwhile the Ripslinger tries to abort the Dusty’s flying; Dusty reaches the end by winning the race.
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 – Release Date September 27th 2013
A famous super-inventor Chester V, had an machine in an island that is populated by foodimals. The FLDSMDFR exploded and it was placed in the center of that island so, Chester has to find it. He invites his biggest fan, Flint who brings his girlfriend, a cameraman and a monkey to the trip. They are astonished by the incredible “living food” called foodimals. Meanwhile, the enemy is Cheespider which attacks all the time. Due to this research, Flint gets a thought that the company of Chester has some suspicious background so, he tries to find out. Finally, he discovers that Chester is evil and wants to make a food out of his friends. Flint confronts him and beats him up. He returns the device of FLDSMDFR and the foodimals continue to have their peaceful life.

The Tale of Princess Kaguya – Release Date October 17th 2013
The story begins with Okina, a man who, while working in the bamboo forest, finds a girl in one bamboo. He brings her home and she grows up with him and his wife Ona. When she ages up, they begin planning to make her a princess. Therefore, she was taught how to act as a noblewoman. She did not like that kind of living style at all. At a celebration in honor of her naming, she runs back to the mountains to seek for Sutemaru and her other friends. Realising that they also moved away, she passes out. By the time passes, she became melancholic which worries Ona and Okina. Later, she reveals that she was brought up by the Moon that she demanded her to stay on Earth and in order to gain some new experience. She also says that her days will come sooner and the apsara will take her back. When the time comes, she was offered to put a crown, a robe but, all of her memories will be erased from the Earth. She agrees but she stays in the robe by her parents ‘cries. So she says goodbye for the last time with tears in her eyes.

Free Birds – Release Date November 1st 2013
Reggie and his friend Jake try to confront the human main course for the big holiday Thanksgiving. They wanted to get the turkey out of the menu. They get back in time to make assure that there will not be a turkey for the first Thanksgiving. They find themselves in a turkey clan where all the adventures happen.

 Saving Mr. Banks – Release Date December 13th 2013
The story is about a writer known as P.L. Travers who does not want to give one of her books named Mary Poppins to be changed as the Walt Disney requires. Unfortunately, her books are not quite successful on the market and as a result of that, she begins to break down financially. She had no other choice but to accept the Walt Disney’s offer.