Five Star Review

Five Star Movie Review

Posted on Aug, 8th by admin

Keith Miller’s Five Star is a powerfully honest urban drama that offers an authentic glimpse into gang life in Brooklyn, NY. James “Primo” Grant, a real­life gang member turned actor, portrays himself in this documentary/fictional film. Although the plot of the movie is fictional, the events are quite real, and according to Primo, he has “lived every scene in the film.” Primo, who has been a member of the Bloods since he was 12, is trying to balance work and family while staying out of jail. When his predecessor is killed by a stray bullet, he takes his teenage son, John Diaz, under his wing. The “five star general” teaches him about life on the streets and the rules of gang life. John must decide whether to enter this life, and when he discovers that running drugs for Primo is more profitable than his job as a bag boy, he finds himself following in his father’s footsteps.

The plot revolves around the mystery of the events that lead to Diaz’s death, but the movie is driven by the genuine look at gang life and the interaction between two men who are forced to confront what it really means to be a man. This has to be one of the best hidden gems in 2015. A powerful gripping story from start to finish. A definite two thumbs up!